Benagil Cave

Visit Benagil Caves On A Private Boat Tour Leaving From Marina de Vilamoura

Choose from one of our many boat options seen below and you can decide which boat you prefer to visit the marvelous Benagil caves and to view the scenic Algarve coastline and rock formations. With so many to choose from we can guarantee the most magical experience and best value to money boat rentals to Benagil Caves.

Benagil Cave Private Boats

Explore the Wonders of Benagil Cave on a Private Boat Tour near Marinha beach

The Benagil Cave is one of Portugal’s most beloved tourist spots. It’s located in the stunning Algarve region and offers both stunning views from above as well as an exciting chance to explore the depths of the cave itself. Experience this natural wonder for yourself on a private boat tour, let your boat enter fully inside the cave for the best views. Spendtime exploring inside the cave, admiring its beautiful rock formations, and soaking up its tranquil atmosphere.

A Private Boat Tour – Unforgettable Experience

A private boat tour around Benagil Cave is one experience that you should not miss when visiting this part of Portugal. Not only will you get to see this natural wonder up close but you can also take advantage of freshly prepared snacks onboard and unlimited wines and beers on teh yachts, speed boat and rib options we kindly invite you to bring your own refreshments .

Exploring the Wonders of Benagil Cave

Exploring the wonders of Benagil Cave by private boat tour is something unlike anything else. There’s so much more than just beautiful views from above. In fact, upon entering the cave itself you can explore dome above — better yet if you’re feeling brave there’s always the chance to get into the water too!

Tour Highlights

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More Information On Benagil Caves Private Boat Tours

More information on Benagil Cave Private Boat Tours

Here at Algarve Cave Tours in Vilamoura we offer a wide section of Private boat tours to visit the Benagil Cave and they are all equally a great way to experience this magnificent natural wonder.

Discovering the Beauty of Benagil Cave Tour

We invite you to book your own private boat tour with us and experience the stunning beauty of the famous Benagil Cave with our guaranteed 5 star service, with us you can explore the unique rock formations, relax on the beach, and capture memories that will last a lifetime on all of our private charter.

Explore the Beauty of Benagil

The Benagil Cave is a natural wonder that is truly awe-inspiring. From the crystal-clear waters that surround the cave to the unique rock formations that line its walls inside and out, the cave is a photographer’s dream come true. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, a private boat tour of the Benagil Cave is the perfect way to experience the beauty of this stunning location.

SUP and Snorkel by the Beach:

In addition to exploring the Benagil Cave, a private boat tour also provides you with the opportunity to relax and explore the stunning beaches in the area. From white sand beaches to secluded coves, there is something for everyone in the Algarve region. Use the Stand Up Paddle and snorkeling equipment on your private boat tour of the Benagil Cave , there is truly no better way to unwind and relax.

Let us help make you those unforgettable holiday memories

With its stunning scenery and breathtaking views, our private boat rentals to visit the Benagil Cave offer the perfect opportunity for you to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re an avid photographer or simply looking to capture the beauty of this stunning location, bookings a private charter is the perfect way to capture this .

Another benefit and one of the main reasons our guests prefer a private boat tour is the intimacy and exclusivity it provides you. With a private boat you can enjoy the beauty of the caves and Benagil and the surrounding areas with your friends and family, but without the distractions of a large group of strangers with you.

Popular questions from our customers:

Q. What is included in your private boat tour of the Benagil Cave?

A. Our private boat tour include Skipper and Crew, a private boat of your choice, and the opportunity to explore the cave and rock formations along the coastline. Some tours may also include snacks and drinks, but this depends on the boat you opt to charter with us.

Q. How long does a private boat tour to the Benagil Cave take?

A. The length of our charters to Benagil Cave varies , depending on the boat you choice, but if you look on the booking form you can see the times and options available.

Q. Can I swim in the Benagil Cave?

A. In short Yes, swimming is allowed in the Benagil Cave, but it is not recommended by us, the reason being is there is a high volume of boats visiting and its not particularly safe , we recommend allowing us to take you to a quieter area to swim. We know the best spots to go to.

Q. What areas do the boats depart from?

A. We depart and return from Vilamoura Marina

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